How Artificial Intelligence Would Solve Some World Big Issues

This world is no day without Issues. some, people could solve it themselves and leftovers they can’t do that with their skill capacity. We agree that humans is smarter than machine but we do not agree that humans thinking faster than machines. What makes machines can think faster than humans is machines do their job constantly but humans can not focus on one task at a long time and will make them think another or imagination. For example, if you have such talent as music, programming, sports, etc., but you still do all of that to make it as your income and not decide to focus on one job, what will happen is you will not reach your maximum point or i would say failed to be best. So the solution is focus on one option and do another when the task before this is done.

1. Self-Driving Car

Today era, people wants a better life and easier ways to do something and here Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to our life to solve some issues of human life. But the questions is, could AI solves some world big issues? the answer is yes if you are a 2019’s human now. Here some big issues AI could solve:

Self-Driving cars are still in early stage development and there have been some high profile incidents which raise ethical questions. The majority people think a self-driving car should sacrifice. But Joichi Ito, media MIT lab said “a self-driving car may sacrifice passengers, but i wouldn’t buy that car so it shows the market is not the way to make certain decisions”. But in the near future, Tesla has developed a perfect self-driving car and tested it on real road with many cars on it. Self-Driving car is very close to what our imagine in future that what in movies, they imagine we don’t need to drive our car again just sit and enjoy. Self-driving car are featured with many sensors in it and also use image processing combined with Artificial Intelligence.

2. Curing Disease

A machine recently made a breakthrough in research into the neurological disease ALS. The AI processed huge amount of data faster than human ever could. Doctor are working with AI on a huge range of healthcare opportunities IBM’s AI system is learning from human cancer experts. That’s been trained by world’s best oncologists at 20 best centres in the world. There are plenty of applications beyond healthcare.

3. Education

Research has shown that people learn better when they have their own learning assistant. In the future, children could be all benefit from a highly personalized education. With AI, robots can be make as an interactive learning assistant so children will learn quickly and with fun. This can be applied in various forms such as Humanoid Robots, Mobile phone applications, and many more.

4. Smart Energy

Google uses a lot of energy keeping its data centers cool. It now uses artificial intelligence to optimize cooling system AI has reduce google’s data consumption by around 40%. If we are to get the maximum benefit from AI we need to give people the skills to work alongside it.

So how was that? AI is very useful for our life right? would you use AI everyday life in the future?

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