Welcome From ME

Hello everyone! it’s welcome from me where ever you are from the earth or out of the universe. I really excited to make this blog and i can not wait to share newest technology news or the history, DIY projects, and can discussing about many problems you have which can increase your knowledge about technology.

As we know, today world is a digitization era where many kind of jobs will appear and at the same time will open a new job vacancy. For example, industries will not using people to do some jobs but that jobs will taken by robots and who will control and make that robots? the answer is Programmers and Engineer. But don’t worry to never get that jobs, people has designed to be able to learn something new. That’s why even you are not at Information Technique or Engineering school or maybe not going to college, you still can learn that certainly with the big will.

I’m sure you know this man, or..

This guy.

Yup! they are Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Have you ever heard about their story? they have a great story, out from the college and be a millionaire aren’t they are great? oh no, they are GENIUS !! can you imagine that you choose to not going to college and build a company by your own hands? but they did it !! that’s not just happened from your IQ but from your wish. They want to be success so badly so they learn, fail, learn, fail, learn again, fail again until they succeeded.

“The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.”

– Bill gates

From what bill gates said, we can learn something we often heard but we do underestimate it, that is “NEVER GIVE UP “. There is never too late to start, learn from any where, any things and make it as good lessons.

So guys, that is my introduction from my blog, this blog is perfect yet actually and i hope you like my blog posts. If you like my post you can share and follow me, there will be post every weeks from me.

Thankyou for reading and universe greetings you.

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