Personal Flying Vehicle

This is INSANE!!

I know you all must have seen and even boarded a plane, but as planes we know flew horizontally. But have you ever thought of flying in a vertical and horizontal direction? I don’t know how cool it would be if I had it in my garage and flew it every day to the Office, mini market, or my ex’s house. Maybe that could be the best experience in your life, everyone would hope it was on that plane.

But plane is not just a dream anymore, BlackFly is already made. This plane is similar to drone which is powered by 8 propulsion system across two fixed-wings. It designed as a zero-emission alternative to ground transportation and was authorized for use in Canada. It can takes maximum one person in cockpit, a Ballistic Parachute, and featured with automatic return-home button, so you won’t lost or don’t need to fly back to your home, BlackFly does it. It is set to cost about as much as a SUV. Opener aims to integrate their vehicle in to a renewable energy network and is on track to begin sales in Canada early as next year. Before hitting the Canadian skies, BlackFly operators must complete mandated training and obtain an ultralight pilot license.

Would you like to take a ride in BlackFly? Comment bellow what do you think.

3 thoughts on “Personal Flying Vehicle

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