The Animal Robot, ANYmal

If I say a robot, what is your first thought? Transformers, Robot Chop, or IronMan? If what you think is like that you are right, but not all robots are always in human form. There are so many forms, types and functions of robots that there are even forms that you have never thought of before. Now I will show you the amazing robot made by the ANYrobot project.

Project by: ANYrobot

ANYmal is a quadrupedal robot designed for autonomous operation in challenging environments. Driven by special compliant and precisely torque controllable actuators, the system is capable of dynamic running and high-mobile climbing. ANYmal does some task like use the elevator and throw the garbage of course this robot featured by Artificial Intelligence System and Machine learning to be able this task. what do you think about this robots? comment bellow!

Full Video :

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